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At DigiTech Inclusion, we’re passionate about creating a more inclusive world. We recognize that accessibility is not limited to the digital realm; it extends to physical spaces as well. To support this vision, we offer comprehensive Building Accessibility services that harmonize with our design expertise.

Our Building Accessibility services are designed to enhance the accessibility of physical spaces, ensuring they are welcoming and functional for all, regardless of their physical abilities. We provide tailored solutions that comply with accessibility standards and regulations.

Our Accessibility Audit Team


This team member can provide valuable insights into the physical accessibility of the space, such as the usability of ramps, doorways, and the layout of accessible restrooms. They can also assess the reach ranges and manoeuvrability within the building.

Visually Impaired Person

The visually impaired team member can evaluate the effectiveness of tactile signage, Braille labels, and the usability of auditory cues. They can also provide feedback on the layout and design elements that affect navigation.

Hearing Impaired Person

This team member is well-equipped to identify issues related to auditory signals, alarms, and public address systems. They can also help evaluate the effectiveness of visual notifications and emergency alert systems.

Sensory Person with Disability

Sensory disabilities can encompass various challenges, including sensitivities to light, noise, or other environmental factors. This team member can provide insights into how these factors impact accessibility and comfort within the building.


Accessibility Audit



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Buildings and physical spaces should be accessible to everyone. Partner with DigiTech Inclusion, and together, we’ll ensure that your space is inclusive and welcoming to all visitors. Let’s work together to create accessible environments that reflect your commitment to inclusivity.

Contact us today to discuss your Building Accessibility needs, and let’s embark on a journey towards a more inclusive world.